Gift e-cards for Bali

FoCV member Elke works closely with Casa Vida in Bali and she is always looking for ways to support this special ministry to vulnerable children in Indonesia.

When Elke’s daughter Kristy – journeyforkate –  was in Bali, she spent much of her time capturing the place and the people with her camera. She is keen for her images to be used to promote and benefit the Casa Vida shelter in Bali and told her mum to “go nuts with the images”.

Making e-cards is one way Elke is using her daughter’s images.

Simply follow these steps, using the form provided below.

  1. Provide your contact details (name and email address) so we can send you the completed e-card.
  2. Select your gift
  3. Select the number of month and/or children (if applicable)
  4. Give your deposit details
  5. If you like an e-card, choose an image from Kristy’s “Bali Images Gallery” (see below) and compose your greetings/message
  6. Submit the form
  7. To make another card, simply repeat the steps (there is a “go back” link that takes you back to a blank form)

Your e-card will be sent to your email address in jpeg format once your donation has been received.

Here is a sample –


These e-cards are a great way to send a gift and greetings to family and friends, especially to people who probably already have everything they need… They are perfect for the Christmas season but good for all occasions as the greeting/message is entirely written by you..

Here are the images you may choose from –


The best way to make any donation* is via direct deposit, either through internet or telephone banking or by visiting your nearest Westpac Bank branch. The bank account is a Community Banking Account and has been set up specifically for ministry support in Timor Leste and also Bali.

* please note that donations are not tax deductible

The bank account details are

Name – For Timor Funds

BSB – 036103

Account number – 371044