Greeting Cards

FoCV member Elke works closely with Casa Vida in Bali and she is always looking for ways to support this special ministry to vulnerable children in Indonesia.

When Elke’s daughter Kristy – journeyforkate –  was in Bali, she spent much of her time capturing the place and the people with her camera. She is keen for her images to be used to promote and benefit the Casa Vida shelter in Bali and told her mum to “go nuts with the images”.

Making greeting cards is one way Elke is using her daughter’s images.


These high quality blank greeting cards are 14cm x 14 cm in size, have a matt finish and come with a white envelope.

They are available in packs of 3 cards (one of each).

The suggested donation is $10.

Your entire donation will benefit Casa Vida Bali.

Please contact Elke –

m: 042 532 8485


f: omigraham

or contact us