My First Time with Casa Vida Bali

I just returned from Bali, and have witnessed hope and love in the wonderful form of Casa Vida – a refuge for girls who have been abused, rejected or face great difficulties at home.

It can be a hard reality to accept – but situations, like the ones some of these girls have faced, are unfortunately not uncommon.


On the first day that I visited CV I was amazed – I wasn’t faced with a group of down-trodden, gloomy, introverted girls – quite the opposite!

I was greeted by beautiful smiles and laughter as they welcomed me in. Even with a strong language barrier, I could physically see the effect this place was having on the lives of these girls – they were radiating joy!

What a wonderful team they have at Casa Vida Bali, doing such important work – giving support, hope, and love to people who have been shown anything but.

By Kristy van Eck